Our Coaching Program

Junior program Outline

TennisEd caters for all level of tennis players, from a child about to undertake their first tennis lesson to the most advanced tournament player.


Prep Stage 1:  4 – 6 year Old

We introduce children to tennis at this age with the Tennis Australia Hot Shots Program using smaller courts, small rackets, lower pressure balls which provides a more controllable bounce making it easier for children to learn their initial tennis skills. It is safe, lots of fun and action packed. The novel equipment used for the indoor program provides many subtle challenges for the Hot shot beginners.

Zac's HotShot girls
Zac's HotShot girls

Transition Stage 2:

Accommodating children progressing from their initial Hot Shot learning experiences. The equipment used in this phase is determined by the child’s ability. It is here that the juniors are introduced to basic match play, tactics, scoring and tennis etiquette using red/orange balls.

Proficiency and Beyond Stage 3:

Children are now moving to the full court using full size light rackets and mostly the yellow ball. Often juniors at the “proficiency stage are preparing for junior club or school tennis and tournaments at the younger age”.

The TennisEd. Junior program runs 6 days per week before and after school on week days, Saturday morning and special programs are offered on Sundays.

Ethan with the kids


Advanced Coaching Programs

TennisEd. Coaching staff have many years of experience from grass roots training to coaching players at the Grand Slam level.  Our programs also cater for older players who may be taking up tennis for the first time or players wanting to break into senior tennis teams or those wishing to persue a college or professional career, with the overseas connections that are available to TennisEd the latter is becoming an important focus for TennisEd. Students.


Programs at the Advanced Junior Level:

Advanced Junior Squads, Maximum of one coach to four athletes. These squads are either 1.5 or 2 hour duration, can be 3 sessions per week, catering for 10/u, 12/u 14/u and 16/u athletes. These sessions involve high intensity training, technical analysis using video technology is a prime focus as well as fitness programs.

Private or 1 on 1 coaching sessions. This is an option for players of any age. Here the focus is on developing the best technique and tactical awareness. Sessions are ½, ¾ or 1 hour.

Semi Private or 2 on 1 coaching sessions. These sessions encourage high intensity, technique development and tactical awareness for players with the appropriate ability. There is often a high level of coach hitting to enhance the intensity level that is expected. Sessions are either ¾ hour, 1 hur or 1.5 hours.


In our efforts to expand our International profile TennisEd. has provided the senior coaches to accompany tours consisting primarily of Prince Alfred College Athletes. Recent tours include John Newcombe’s Tennis Academy “Texas”January 2018, Sergio Bruguera’s Academy in Barcelona July 2018 and The Prestigous Queen’s Club London July 2018. TennisEd is currently developing links with Schools in Japan and Singapore. This should present exciting opportunities for TennisEd, athletes and coaches, an area which will become a prime focus for TennisEd.